Pirelli undertakes prototype testing of Gravity competition tire

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Pirelli has announced that its new professional mountain bike Gravity tire development program, currently underway with former world champion Fabien Barel, will be ramped up as the tire manufacturer’s Prototype#0 marked tires will race at multiple 2021 DH World Cup and Enduro World Series events.

Following a partnership agreement between Pirelli, the Rogue Racing team and the Theory Global Enduro team, prototype race tires have undergone rigorous testing by athletes and are now set to debut on riders’ bikes at the upcoming Austrian DH event in Leogang later this week.

Having been involved with Pirelli’s latest tire project from the very start, the Italian Rogue Racing has applied its in-depth knowledge and ability to harness the latest technology, such as telemetry equipment, to gain further insights about the prototype tire.

Using said equipment, the team and Pirelli’s engineers have been looking into suspension operation, braking performance and front/rear wheel speed, yaw and pitch, in order to understand how the Gravity tire interacts with different bikes and types of terrain.

Pirelli is to use the Enduro World Series as another testing ground for the verification and consolidation of its high-performance prototypes over the unrelenting and rigorous terrains and climates of the MTB discipline. Pirelli’s aim is to complete development in time for a full rollout of the tires in 2022.

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