Nokian brings aramid reinforcement to its all-season passenger tires

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Nokian has released a new all-season passenger tire, named the One, featuring an aramid sidewall, which it says is a first for a non-winter passenger tire application by the tire maker.

The tire has aramid fibers embedded in the sidewall to help withstand pothole strikes and other road hazards, which Nokian claims increases its puncture resistance. Demonstrating the faith it has in the hardiness of the sidewall design, the company says that if a tire sustains irreparable damage following an incident on the road, it will replace the tire at no cost.

Developed and produced at the company’s factory in Dayton, Tennessee, the tire’s aramid fibers are the same as those found within bulletproof vests and even spacecraft landing cushions. The tires will be available in the US market only, which Nokian identified as featuring some of the most demanding conditions for passenger tires.

Beyond the sidewall reinforcement, Nokian also claims a new tread compound brings improvements to grip, handling and braking characteristics on wet roads, while still wearing evenly during hot summer months.

Nokian states the tires will carry a high mileage warranty of up to 80,000 miles (130,000km) and will be available in sizes to suit a wide range of vehicles.

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