New city bus tire developed by Hankook provides better traction

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Hankook has extended its range for city buses with the launch of the SmartCity AU04+, which boasts improved rib spacing, stabilizing 3D tread blocks and optimized zigzag grooves.

According to the tire maker, the SmartCity AU04+ features ensure outstanding traction without restricting mileage and will help tackle the heavy, irregular load put on bus tires by constant starting and stopping in city traffic.

“For this reason, Hankook has adapted the shoulder width and design for the SmartCity AU04+, thus guaranteeing more even wear. The improved structure of the new tread compound makes the tire much more heat-resistant, reducing wear and making a longer service life possible,” said Klaus Krause, Hankook’s vice president and head of the European Technical Center in Hannover.

Safety is a major factor for Hankook during tire development. Like the AU03+, the SmartCity AU04+ is characterized by a reinforced sidewall. This protects the tire from damage following contact with curbstones. In addition, all three city bus tire models have impressive brake distance values; the AU04+ stands out particularly through its excellent behavior in wet road conditions due to the improved sipe arrangement. The deep sidewall indicator on the SmartCity AU04+ makes it easier to determine the tire condition and thus supports timely damage prevention.

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