Hankook unveils Rugged Terrain Dynapro XT and next-gen Dynapro AT2 Xtreme

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Hankook Tire is to expand its Dynapro product line with the introduction of the new Rugged Terrain Dynapro XT and the next-generation Dynapro AT2 Xtreme.

The Rugged Terrain Dynapro XT benefits from high-rigidity polygonal blocks and wide zig-zag grooves, enabling high levels of grip in off-road scenarios, and a saw-toothed sidewall provides protection against punctures. An optimized tread pattern provides low levels of noise due to arranged pitch variation technology, consisting of chamfered edges to minimize impact with the road and a cushioned shoulder block that absorbs noise. The tire features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating.

In addition to the Rugged Terrain, Hankook has also announced the next-generation Dynapro AT2 Xtreme. Improvements have been made over the previous iteration, with the tire now featuring a more aggressive shoulder design and further noise reduction. High-depth sidewall blocks and cross-combined shoulder scoops prevent damage and deliver better traction.

Again, the tire is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake rated, with multi-directional grooves, sipes and biting block edges to ensure grip in wet or snow-covered conditions. Despite its new and more aggressive tread design, noise-reducing tie-bars and staged block edges keep road noise levels to a minimum when utilized on-road.

“What makes the off-roading and overlanding communities so incredible is their enthusiasm and deep knowledge of every upgrade to their vehicle, and tires are no exception,” commented Curtis Brison, vice president, PCLT sales, Hankook Tire. “Having the opportunity to further support that next adventure and expand our off-road Dynapro offering to include the XT and AT2 Xtreme, along with the heavy-duty MT2, is an exciting moment.”

“Built to perform in extreme rugged terrains, the Dynapro XT will provide drivers with functional off-road performance without compromising style, comfort and quietness,” said Kijong Kil, vice president, RE development. “The Dynapro AT2 Xtreme has been upgraded from its predecessor to include a more aggressive shoulder and sidewall design to handle off-road terrains, while maintaining its highway performance. It is built for the driver who is looking for balanced, everyday functionality with added all-terrain capabilities.”

The Dynapro XT is available in 30 sizes, with the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme available in 32 sizes. A phased launch will see the number of sizes rise to 98 by 2022.

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