Hankook launches Ventus iON S for electric vehicles

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Manufacturer Hankook has unveiled the Ventus iON S, the first summer tire in a new range of tires designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs).

The new tire benefits from a reduced rolling resistance, extremely low noise rolling characteristics and high load-bearing capacity. As a result, Hankook states that the tire will deliver more range per battery charge and a better driving experience than traditionally used tires.

The Ventus iON S meets a range of EV tire requirements and benefits from a higher load capacity to combat the higher vehicle mass of EVs which is caused by battery packs. Additionally, ultra-resistant aramid fibers counteract the deformation forces caused by the high torque associated with EVs.

The tire’s new tread compound also features a high proportion of natural resin to ensure a high level of durability and reduced wear. Aided by a high silica content, the Ventus iON S delivers micro-level grip on wet roads by counteracting the formation of a film of water between the road surface, reducing the chance of aquaplaning scenarios.

Another feature of Hankook’s latest compound is its high proportion of natural oils. This helps to improve sustainability and also the durability of the tread, meaning less material is required for consistent performance. Furthermore, the tires benefit from a weight savings of up to 1kg per tire to improve rolling resistance and Hankook’s integrated Sound Absorber technology ensures reduced noise levels inside the cabin.

“With the introduction of the Ventus iON S as the first tire in a new range, our company is increasingly taking into account the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles and the associated need for suitable tires, also in terms of the need for replacements,” said Sooil Lee, CEO and president of Hankook Tire & Technology. “With an improved range per battery charge, this new generation of tires will help to further optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles in everyday use. We are pleased to say that this has already been confirmed by independent institutions.”

“We are particularly proud that the new Hankook Ventus iON S, for example, has achieved an A/A/A rating on the EU tire label,” said Klaus Krause, head of the Hankook Tire Europe Technical Center in Hanover, Germany. “This corresponds to the highest performance levels in terms of rolling resistance, wet grip and tire noise.”

The Hankook Ventus iON S is available in multiple sizes between 18in and 22in. A Winter i*cept iON will follow in September 2022 and an all‑season version, the Ventus iON A, will be made available to the North American market.

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