Hakka Truck Trailer tire from Nokian

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Nokian Tyres has announced the release of the Hakka Truck Trailer tire, an all-weather tire said to offer a higher mileage and a lower rolling resistance than its predecessor. The range of trailer tires has also been optimized to offer high levels of grip all year-round, without compromising wear characteristics.

“We call it the ‘magic triangle’ – the combination of good grip, low rolling resistance and high mileage, where improving one feature often compromises another,” commented Teppo Siltanen, product manager, Nokian Tyres. “With the new Nokian Hakka Truck Trailer tire, we have managed to reach a sweet spot where all three parameters are top notch without any compromises.”

In addition, the tire was developed to help improve the handling of trailers when carrying heavy loads.

“Surprisingly, transporting milk from the farms sets high demands for tires, as the tank is heavy and the last kilometers can be driven on pretty rough roads that change with the season from muddy to snowy,” explained Siltanen. “The same goes with wood chip transports.”

Nokian also took local and regional legislation changes into consideration, and subsequently made sure that the Hakka tire would meet low noise and 3PMSF requirements.

“The demands for good energy efficiency and low noise level are getting stricter worldwide,” continued Siltanen. “Also, many Nordic countries are starting to demand 3PMSF marking on every tire of the vehicle during winter months.”

Alongside its safety features, the tire was designed to provide a higher mileage over its service life – meaning a lower total cost of ownership – and to further extend this, Nokian has released a Noktop Hakka Trailer retread.

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