Goodyear reveals details of UltraGrip Performance 3

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The Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3 winter tire, the successor to the UltraGrip 9+ and UltraGrip Performance+, is suitable for application to passenger cars with either internal combustion engines or electric and hybrid drives. It will be available by September this year in 94 sizes to suit rim diameters from 14in to 21in. 

Goodyear has designed the UltraGrip Performance 3 using its Snow Protect Technology to deliver increased sipe density by way of multiple gripping edges to provide traction. “Snow claws” – longer grooves at the tire’s shoulder edge – have been engineered by the manufacturer to enhance performance when used on soft or deep snow-covered terrain.

In addition to the Snow Protect Technology, Goodyear has also included its Wet Braking+ Technology with an optimized round footprint to improve water dispersion. The technology works by pushing water to the side of the tire, rather than the front, reducing the chances of aquaplaning occurring. The tire maker has also added 3D sipes in the shoulder area to increase stiffness and performance on dry roads.

To ensure the UltraGrip Performance 3 is EV ready, Goodyear has designed the tire’s tread pattern to be noise cancelling for reduced interior noise. Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology is scheduled to be added to the line-up in the future to further reduce noise levels. The tire’s tread has also been manufactured using a wear resistant compound for longevity.

“We are excited to introduce the excellent UltraGrip Performance 3 to our trade partners, providing them with an outstanding product for all customers, and which simplifies their product portfolio,” commented Sonia Leneveu, director marketing consumer Europe, Goodyear.

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