Giti adds new sizes to GitiSynergyH2 line-up

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Giti Tire has added 30 new sizes to its GitiSynergyH2 range. The new options mean that the tire is now available in 46 passenger car, CUV and compact SUV sizes, with rim sizes from 14in to 18in, section widths from 165-235, series sizes from 50-70 and speed indices across T, H, V, W and Y.

This means the GitiSynergyH2 now covers three-quarters of standard and high-performance demand around Europe, and over 94% of the top 80 most required summer sizes.

“The GitiSynergyH2 was unveiled when it secured a number of OE fitments with the VW Group as our first European A/A labelled tire, and since its aftermarket launch demand has been high,” said Fabio Pecci-Boriani, senior product manager PCR, SUV, light truck for Giti Tire (Europe).

“To add the ADAC ‘good’ rating to its list of achievements is another cause for celebration, and as more-and-more motorists fit this tire we will receive more feedback on its undeniable quality, efficiency and performance.”

The GitiSynergyH2 was designed and engineered at Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover, with testing at the company’s MIRA facility in the UK, as well as key locations in Germany and Spain.

It’s the first to utilize the AdvanZtech technology platform, Giti’s R&D system to boost the sharing and utilization of specialized and advanced technology in tire design. For the GitiSynergyH2, this resulted in a newly developed tread compound that delivered a 7% improvement in wet braking, a 5% enhancement in dry handling and a 3% increase in dry braking over the previous generation pattern.

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