Falken launches Euroall Season AS220 Pro ultra-high-performance tire

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To meet the growing demand for all-season tires, Falken has unveiled its latest offering, the Euroall Season AS220 Pro, developed for application to high-performance vehicles.

Development of the ultra-high-performance tire focused on ensuring the tire delivered all-round winter performance, with tests conducted in wet and wintery scenarios to ensure it delivered the required grip on snow-covered roadways.

Falken engineers developed a “synergistic all-season tread” to deliver balanced performance in all driving scenarios. The tread features an inner running surface optimized for use on snow and slush, in addition to a uniform outer shoulder and two wide tread grooves which run the circumference of the tire to provide water drainage and reduce the chance of aquaplaning. Step-down tread grooves feature on the inside in an offset configuration to provide further traction when accelerating or braking on snow.

Falken also optimized the Euroall Season AS220 Pro’s design with a redesigned contour. The tire’s construction prevents deformation of the running surface when traveling at high speeds to ensure the contact patch is maximized and delivers stability and steering response. Falken also implemented its 4D NANO design technology, which, the company states, lowers wear rate and provides a longer service life.

The Euroall Season AS220 Pro will be available in 46 sizes covering diameters from 17in to 21in, cross-sections ranging from 35 to 65, and with speed index options of V (up to 240km/h) and W (up to 270km/h). The tire has an XL rating and features eight specific EV sizes.

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