Ammeraal Beltech

Ammeraal Beltech
P.O. Box 38
1700 AA Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
+31 (0)72 575 1212

Founded in 1950, Ammeraal Beltech is a global market leader in the design, manufacturing, fabrication and servicing of lightweight process and conveyor systems.

Today, our products are available in over 150 countries around the globe. As part of the Ammega Group, we share the same vision:

“We aspire to be the local partner of choice for belting solutions – around the globe.”

Within the Tyre Industry, Ammeraal Beltech has been setting the standard for many years with consistent and high quality belting solutions for each steps of production process:

  • weighing, loading and mixing of rubber compound, incl. dip-tank and batch-off
  • extrusion and calendaring of mixed rubber into semi-finished products, incl. liner products
  • cutting of steel/textile cord
  • servers for tyre building machines
  • green tyre transport and storage
  • collection, inspection and sorting of finished tyres, intra-logistics


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