Bandvulc launches Wastemaster 5

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Following an extensive test and field trial program, UK tire manufacturer Bandvulc is preparing to release Wastemaster 5, the fifth generation of the tire for waste collection vehicles, which is developed and produced in-house at the company’s Ivybridge, UK, factory.

“Over the past two years we have seen strong growth in the waste and construction market, which is buoyant at the moment because there’s a lot of infrastructure and housing being built,” commented Tony Mailing, operations director at Bandvulc. “Our understanding of UK roads and vehicle operating conditions has been a key tool in our market research for this exciting new product. The waste collection market is changing; waste is more segregated now with more collections a week, and the collection vehicles are operational in all weather conditions such as sleet, snow or heavy rain. Our roads can be subject to a lot of debris, especially in urban areas, so our tires need to be equipped with features to perform for the driver in all conditions.”

To prevent tires fitted on waste collection vehicles from being damaged when encountering curbs, rough surfaces or sharp objects, the Wastemaster 5 features Bandvulc’s Armorband sidewall technology. The protection system consists of an additional protective layer of rubber compound on the mid to lower sidewall of the tire. The tapered band extends tire life by protecting against sidewall scrubbing and other damaging attacks.

The tread design on the Wastemaster 5 offers wide zig-zag grooves for improved displacement of mud and water, features for better stone ejection, and stepped tread blocks and additional deep pocket sipes to provide excellent traction and grip. The Wastemaster 5 is also available in a high-load option.

“The Wastemaster 5 also bears the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, which indicates the tire meets required performance criteria in snowy conditions and provides improved snow traction beyond a standard M+S branded all-season tire,” explained James Griffiths, technical manager at Bandvulc. “It was important for Bandvulc to make this investment in the tire as it gives our customers peace of mind that the tire will offer superior traction in all UK conditions. It also makes the tire very flexible if we wish to sell it in Europe, where 3PMSF is mandatory in some countries in the winter months.

“We’ve collated feedback from the drivers who have trialled the Wastemaster 5; they are experts on how it handles and how the tires grip. The solid shoulder design and wider contact area provide stability control and excellent handling characteristics, and the feedback we’ve had from testing so far has been extremely positive.

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