Dunlop releases Geomax MX14 motocross tire

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Dunlop has launched the Geomax MX14 tire for motocross applications that require high levels of grip in soft sand and mud.

Produced as the successor to the Geomax MX12, the manufacturer has introduced a new pattern with reduced scoop block spacing and 18% taller tread blocks to ensure optimum grip for riders. An improved rubber compound has also been used to increase tire strength and reduce flex, which has the added benefit of providing traction on straights and corner exits.

During the tire’s development stage, Dunlop worked with several top riders who raced in the 2021 MXGP to ensure that it would meet the requirements of both amateurs and professionals. A scoop-like tread with a bespoke compound has been developed to optimize the clearing of sand and dirt from the tread for added traction. The MX14’s architecture also enables high levels of grip when accelerating, braking and cornering because of its increased surface penetration. Furthermore, the MX14’s tread features flexible fin technology which maximizes the tire’s contact patch when under load for enhanced control and predictability.

“We wanted to design a tire that was a step forward in every aspect not only compared to its predecessor, but also against its competitors, as proven in MXGP,” said Luca Davide Andreoni, marketing manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe. “With Geomax MX14, riders of all abilities and styles will feel improvements on sand and mud tracks.

“Acceleration and braking traction have been improved, as well as the level of precision the tire offers when sliding. Each of these improvements added together lead to a revolution in tire capability. Unique to our motocross customers, we are proud to offer this tire, which is used in the pinnacle of motorsport, to any rider to experience as an off-the-shelf product.”

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