Goodyear and Monolith collaborate on carbon black development

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A collaboration agreement and letter of intent have been signed by Goodyear and Monolith – a clean hydrogen and materials production company – for the development and potential use of carbon black made using methane and/or biomethane.

The carbon black will be produced using a plasma-based methane pyrolysis process and will be used to produce tires. The process is expected to help advance Goodyear’s research into the use of more sustainable materials for manufacturing.

“At Goodyear, we’re committed to sustainability and making a positive impact by our choice of the materials we use,” said Chris Helsel, the company’s senior vice president, global operations and chief technology officer. “Our collaboration with Monolith is one example of how we are using sustainable materials in quality products that deliver a better future.”

Working in collaboration with Monolith, the tire manufacturer will evaluate carbon black produced using methane and/or biomethane. The plasma-based process developed by Monolith uses renewable electricity to carry out methane pyrolysis, with only carbon and hydrogen being produced as a result.

A lifecycle assessment was conducted by a third party on Monolith’s behalf and showed that the plasma-based process should result in environmental benefits across the lifecycle. These include a reduction in carbon emissions compared with the use of traditionally produced carbon black materials. The assessment also proved that the technology could have a carbon-neutral to carbon-negative impact, based on the increased use of biomethane feedstock versus natural gas in the future.

“We’re proud to collaborate with Goodyear on high-quality, clean carbon black for Goodyear and support their ongoing mission to make their tires more sustainable,” said Rob Hanson, co-founder and chief executive officer at Monolith. “We’re honored to work with companies like Goodyear that share our passion for quality products that are responsibly manufactured, and we are eager to see what advancements this collaboration will bring to the tire industry.”

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