Cabot Corporation to invest in elastomer composites business

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Cabot Corporation is to expand its manufacturing capabilities for elastomer composites at the company’s plant in Port Dickson, Malaysia. It will also create a dedicated elastomer composites team, responsible for developing new products with a focus on off-the-road tire, rubber track and mining applications.

President and CEO Sean Keohane, commented, “For nearly 10 years we have been developing our elastomer composites business and making elastomer composites at our plant in Malaysia under an exclusive customer agreement. I am excited to see us transition to the next phase of growth. This investment strengthens our capabilities as we expand this high-performance product line to support a new set of customers.

“Off-the-road tires and rubber tracks are used in many applications where their performance determines the overall productivity of high value assets. For example, longer-lasting aircraft tires can enable increased utilization of commercial aircraft, and rubber tracks with lower operating temperatures can enable faster operation of heavy industrial or agricultural equipment. Our elastomer composites have been proven to both lower the operating temperatures and extend the life of off-the-road tires, and I am pleased to see the progress we are making with a select set of partners.”

March 8, 2017

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