Apollo Vredestein develops advanced bicycle tire technologies

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Apollo Vredestein has introduced three new road bike tires – the Fortezza Duralite, Fortezza Tubeless Ready and Fortezza Senso Tri.

The Fortezza Duralite is 18% lighter than standard racing tires and features the company’s Sportex Protection Layer. It is said to offer all the advantages of a lightweight high-performance tire, while maintaining heavier versions’ puncture protection.

Thanks to a 150 TPI carcass, combined with a new and durable compound which ensures a long lifespan, the tire has an extremely low rolling resistance and enhanced grip. In addition, its elliptical contour ensures it is highly aerodynamic.

Meanwhile the Fortezza Tubeless Ready road tire is leak-resistant thanks to Vredestein’s special liquid latex sealant. This combination means the tire can be used at a lower air pressure and provides better comfort and grip; since there is no inner tube, rolling distance is substantially reduced (most rolling resistance is generated by the friction between the tire and the tube) and 20g is saved per wheel. Furthermore, the tire is more puncture-resistant.

Vredestein’s Fortezza Senso Tri is developed for triathletes in particular, and features a special butyl inner tube. The advantage of butyl is that it has lower air permeability than latex (the latter is normally used in tubular road tires).

Although butyl has a slightly higher rolling resistance than latex, this is compensated for by a special handmade cotton carcass with 290 TPI, in combination with an all-weather silica compound. This ensures maximum grip and low rolling resistance.

September 4, 2017

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