Future Market Insights forecasts growth in tire testing machine market

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According to Future Market Insights, there is a rise in the demand for tire testing machines across the globe. Such equipment is used to determine the stiffness, durability and endurance of a tire. Functionalities such as spring rate and non-linearity are used to determine the structural static and dynamic stiffness characteristics of the tire. The tire testing machine measures the stiffness at different speeds to detect loaded radius behavior and actual rolling radius. These machines can also measure steering torque at different pressures and loads. Using the dynamic abilities of a tire testing machine, tire wear characteristics can be measured in real-life conditions. A tire test machine can also be used in replicate vehicle manuevers such as braking, in a controlled environment.

Wheel balancing testing to fuel growth
The demand for tire testing machines is increasing due to the need for tire balancing testing in automotive service centers and tire manufacturing. The mass of a tire must be balanced with the wheel assembly to ensure it travels smoothly at high speeds.

Manufacturers are focusing on improving their product lines and introducing frequent upgrades in their tire testing technology to enable quick analysis of the safety features of tires. In 2018, for example, A&D Company introduced a new flat belt tire testing machine with a load carrying capacity up to 12kN, enabling a speed up to 1,750rpm, and testing at 6DOF.

The global tire test machine market can be broken down into segments, as follows:

Segmentation based on product type:

  • • Flat belt tire test machine
  • • Rolling resistance test rig
  • • Dynamic patch test rig
  • • Tire balancing machine

Segmentation based on application:

  • • Dynamic stiffness
  • • Wear resistance
  • • Durability and endurance
  • • Wheel balancing

Segmentation based on industry:

  • • Tire manufacturing
  • • Automobile and heavy vehicle manufacturing
  • • Aircraft manufacturing

Some of the prominent players on the global market are A&D Company, Altracon Group, Calspan, MTS Systems Corporation, Talurit, Smithers Rapra, Leonardo, Tianjin Jiurong Wheel Tech, VMI Holland, and Lumenera Corporation.

Geographically, Europe and Japan are gaining the biggest market share, fueled by the substantial growth in vehicle manufacturing with the likes of Toyota, Volkswagen Group, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, and others, producing more and more vehicles in these regions. In North America and the Asia Pacific excluding Japan, countries such as Canada, China, India and the USA are expected to witness a high adoption of tire testing machines in coming years, owing to a rise in vehicle usage. Also, despite the installment of more auto service centers in the Middle East and Africa, growth in the tire testing machine market remains moderate.

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