Tire dealer Kal Tire launches test program for buyers

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Canadian tire dealer Kal Tire is the first retailer to independently test tires in Canada in the same conditions that drivers face in the winter, proving drivers with the objective information they need to choose the right tire.

In the first phase of Kal’s tire testing, 12 passenger and seven light truck tires from the company’s core line-up of three-season, all-weather, and winter tire categories were subjected to 10 rigorous tests. These included braking and cornering in dry, wet and ice conditions as well as hydroplaning, slush straight line stability, slush cornering and road noise tests.

Come spring 2016, Kal Tire will release tire testing results on another 57 passenger and truck tires, with new tests added relevant to spring and summer driving conditions.

The independent tire testing company hired by Kal Tire conducted tests in order to determine how the tires would perform against slippery intersections, patches of black ice, puddles during winter rains and highway slush amid fog.

To ensure accurate results, variables such as track temperature and wind temperature were monitored. Industry-leading technology was used to measure precise driving lines, speed, GPS information and g-force measurements of each vehicle. Multiple runs were conducted with each tire test to ensure accurate results.

Professional drivers used the same vehicles in the same weather conditions and repeated the tests at identical speeds without knowing the specifics of which tires were being tested at any given time.

With the drivers’ consistent precision, using expert driving techniques, and the handling of the tests in the same exact manner every time, Kal Tire is confident the results are objective and scientific.

To watch a video of the tire testing underway click here. 

November 3, 2015

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