Specialty radial tire for distribution yard shunter applications

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The new 300/80 R22.5 Conti Terminal Transport radial tire is now available in the Continental Speciality range for shunters in distribution yards. The 300/80 R22.5 Conti Terminal Transport was originally designed for use on terminal tractors used in port operations, but has proved equally at home on shunters used in distribution yards; the tire is claimed to last up to 50% longer than others currently used in this application.

The tires used on yard shunters in these environments are put under considerable strain. High loads, tight maneuvers and very abrasive concrete surfaces in the distribution yard lead to much faster wear than in normal truck operations where road usage dominates. Conti’s Terminal Transport tire has a number of performance characteristics that make it ideal for these vehicles.

Its enhanced load index, reinforced bead construction and ability to run at higher pressures means it easily handles the high loads experienced in these operations. Its superior wear resistance is provided by its closed-shoulder design, which means it wears more evenly and is less susceptible to shouldering. A particularly wear-resistant compound is also used in the tread.

April 15, 2015

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