PanAridus receives patent for infrared spectroscopy machine

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Arizona-based guayule producer PanAridus has increased its global intellectual property portfolio this week as the United States Patent Office granted the company its tenth patent — and its first in the industry for guayule harvesting.

PanAridus already holds nine patents concerning guayule plants. The company’s latest is for a near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) machine that scientifically measures the rubber content in the guayule plant while it’s in the ground. It’s considered a critical step toward advancing the entire guayule production process.

“Farmers, investors and end users like tire companies are looking to minimize risk and increase certainty as we move towards guayule commercialization. Having the NIRS means we can more rapidly adapt to environmental stressors like soil types and ensure higher and more consistent yields,” said PanAridus CEO, Mike Fraley. “As a result, we can tell farmers which of our nine patented phenotypes to plant.”

December 17, 2015

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