New AA-rated summer tire from Nokian now available

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Nokian has launched its new eLine 2 summer tire, which has an A rating for both wet grip and fuel efficiency on the EU tire label.

During the almost four-year development of the tire, engineers placed a particular focus on its environmental efficiency. Extensive simulation was used in the development of the tire’s construction while a large amount of laboratory work was also needed to achieve the extremely low rolling resistance. Real road testing was conducted predominately in Germany, Finland and Spain.

According to product development manager Jarno Ahvenlammi, integration of material development and construction composition was a particular challenge.

The tread of the eLine 2 features Nokian’s newly developed Coanda Technology, which accelerates the removal of water from the longitudinal groove and effectively prevents aquaplaning. The curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal groove into the transverse groove. The Coanda effect denotes the tendency of flow to turn toward a nearby surface. The trumpet grooves on the shoulder areas also store water and accelerate its removal from the transverse grooves.

The molecular chains of the next-generation functional silica tread compound that is used bond with the silica particles to form a strong but flexible combination. The rubber compound is exemplary across a wide temperature range and it improves wet grip and reduces rolling resistance.

The eLine 2 also features Nokian’s silent sidewall technology. A tailored rubber compound between the sidewall and tread actively filters the sound and steel belt package vibration originating from the driving surface, preventing the passage of harmful sound waves through the sidewall into the rim and further into the passenger compartment. This innovation significantly reduces the noise level inside the vehicle.

February 4, 2016

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