BKT outlines its corporate social responsibility policies

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BKT has adopted a sustainable production and business model since its establishment, with a focus on profound social responsibility guiding its corporate decisions. The company aims to reduce waste and pollution by means of autonomous structures, in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, in order to ensure a good quality of life for its employees.

A good example of this is the company’s latest production site in Bhuj, India, which comprises a housing colony for employees where they can live with their families and benefit from free services and community facilities, such as a hospital, a fire station, a large recreation center, a school, and a guest house.

In healthcare, the BKT Foundation has donated a surgical intensive care unit to Aurangabad hospital and financed the delivery of technologically advanced devices for the treatment of patients with heart and respiratory diseases to a hospital in Mumbai.

The foundation has financed a free educational program for 800 girls in a school in the state of Rajasthan, near the production plants of Bhiwadi and Chopanki in the north of India, as well as the post-secondary education of Indian students at prestigious institutions, both in India and abroad. The BKT Foundation actively sustains the Akshaya Patra Foundation, an organization that cooperates with the Indian government to ensure education is provided to disadvantaged children, keeping them away from the street and taking them to school.

March 30, 2016 

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