Bridgestone’s digital tire maintenance solution reduces downtime for businesses

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Bridgestone has launched FleetPulse, a three-in-one solution composed of a mobile app, a centralized website and TPMS hardware. FleetPulse improves vehicle health transparency to significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected, costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns. The system will also help fleets to simplify their operations and reduce maintenance costs.

With the designated FleetPulse Android app, drivers and technicians are provided with an easy-to-use platform to complete roadworthiness checks. Replacing what is currently a manual process, the app ensures that nothing is missed by making sure that all necessary checks are made.

Then, through the centralized FleetPulse online portal, fleet and maintenance managers can access status updates for their entire fleet via the cloud – including defects and damage, as well as performance data. They can then make individual requests to drivers and technicians – including new checklists, service bookings and even the removal of vehicles from the road – directly through notifications from the FleetPulse app.

The FleetPulse app and TPMS hardware will be available from September 2018, with a free trial period. The TPMS hardware will be available online as well as from selected retailers.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and president of Bridgestone EMEA, commented, “At Bridgestone we’re dedicated to understanding and addressing the real daily challenges that drivers and fleet managers face. Digitization gives us new and exciting ways to do precisely that.

“Our pioneering use of data and technology, alongside our leading investments in R&D and our relentless focus on the customer, mean we’re rapidly realizing value from mobility solutions that deliver greater-than-ever efficiency, convenience and sustainability.”

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