Michelin performs best in ADAC tire particulate study

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Michelin has come out on top in an independent tire study carried out by Germany-based ADAC, Europe’s largest motoring association.

The study investigated the environmental credentials of popular tire brands and models sold in Europe and subjected each product to 15,000km of real-world driving on urban, country and motorway roads.

The test was designed to calculate the life of each tire, which was then combined with the abrasion rate to evaluate environmental credentials. Performance characteristics were also tested to ensure consumers know the compromises involved in fitting an environmentally friendly tire.

With nearly 100 different summer and winter tires tested from 15 manufacturers, Michelin’s products generated very low levels of tire particulates during several safety tests while still providing a strong performance.

Results showed that Michelin’s products had an average tire abrasion of 90g per 1,000km, putting the brand ahead of its competitors. Furthermore, the tire maker’s Cross Climate+ in a 185/65R15 size achieved the lowest abrasion rate of all tires tested, with 58g per 1,000km.

The ADAC report stated, “It is imperative to emphasize not only tire performance in driving conditions but also the environmental behavior of a tire in particular. Michelin is one of the few tire manufacturers to have recognized this need and has specifically geared its tire development toward this.”

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