Michelin tires with 45% and 58% sustainable materials approved for road use

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Michelin has announced a pair of tires approved for road vehicles – including cars and buses – which feature high levels of environmentally sustainable materials.

A new passenger car tire uses 45% sustainable materials, and a bus tire has been manufactured using 58% of the same materials. Both of the Michelin-branded products feature recovered carbon black supplied by Enviro (of which Michelin is the principal owner) and are expected to deliver performance levels that are the same as currently used and traditionally manufactured tires.

Michelin will use the technology to produce similar sustainable products in two or three years’ time.

Previously Michelin has developed a race tire for electric motorcycles and for cars that also used Enviro’s recovered and ISCC-certified carbon black in addition to other sustainable and recovered substances.

By 2050, Michelin aims to use 100% renewable materials in all of its tire products.

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