Goodyear creates tire containing soybean oil-based rubber

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Goodyear has successfully developed a commercial tire with a soybean oil-based rubber compound. The soybean oil is said to enhance tire performance in dry, wet and winter conditions. The oil offers many benefits as it is derived from a natural source – it is more cost-effective, carbon-neutral and renewable.

By applying soybean oil in tires, Goodyear found a new way to help keep the rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures, a key performance achievement in maintaining and enhancing the vehicle’s grip on the road surface.

Goodyear’s tests have shown rubber made with soybean oil mixes more easily in the silica-reinforced compounds used in manufacturing certain tires. This also improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

The project has been partly funded by the United Soybean Board – a group of farmer-directors which oversees the investments of a checkoff program on behalf of all US soybean farmers.

September 4, 2017

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