Chem-Trend publishes its sustainability report and renews environmental certification

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Chem-Trend, a developer of specialty release agents, has published its first sustainability report. In doing so, the company has highlighted its commitment to its environmental footprint and ‘handprint’.

The report describes how the company helps its customers to pursue their own sustainability goals, which Chem-Trend refers to as its ‘handprint’. In addition, Chem-Trend Deutschland has received environmental certification as per ISO 14001: 2015 from the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (DQS – the German Society for the Certification of Management Systems).

“At Chem-Trend we have been cultivating a remarkable culture of corporate responsibility for decades. As a result, we had already developed concepts to increase the sustainability of our corporate activities before this term became generally well-known,” explained Markus Tenbrink, director of Chem-Trend Europe.

“As a leader in technology we want to continuously optimize processes, thereby making our customers’ processes more efficient as well as achieving a positive environmental effect. The current publication of the sustainability report and the renewed environmental certification from DQS for our German premises highlight how we are achieving this.”

Chem-Trend’s goal is to position itself even better in the coming years in order to hit important environmental targets, such as for climate protection, and to further minimize the environmental effects of its operations – thus collectively reducing Chem-Trend’s environmental footprint.

As part of the Freudenberg Group, Chem-Trend seamlessly connects with the sustainability activities of the global technology firm. Freudenberg has defined six areas that represent the measurable factors of sustainability: materials, waste, energy, emissions, water and health.

The optimization potential in the areas of material efficiency (waste reduction), energy efficiency and CO2 emissions are evaluated across the Freudenberg Group. Alongside some other measurable factors, these are also systematically recorded at Chem-Trend in order to achieve relevant improvements.

Chem-Trend’s environmental management system has been newly checked and certified by DQS as per ISO 14001:2015. It thereby fulfils the new requirements of the so-called ‘high level structure’ and replaces the previous certification as per ISO 14001: 2009.

“We are delighted that DQS has once more confirmed and certified that Chem-Trend is effectively reducing damaging environmental effects and, at the same time, supporting positive processes and products,” commented Dr Uwe Kaiser, director of quality assurance, Chem-Trend.

“It is clear that environmental and climate responsibility is a firm component of operations at Chem-Trend.”

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