Goodyear and Tesloop collaborate on autonomous vehicle tire tech research

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Under the initiative the tire maker will study and model tire performance based on data generated by the transportation service, which operates a fleet of semi-autonomous Teslas in California, USA.

Since its launch in July 2015, Tesloop has been collecting data at a rate of almost 20,000 miles per month on each vehicle.

The company’s first car in service, a 2015 Tesla Model S, will soon have more than 250,000 miles on the clock, which were run on Goodyear rubber.

R&D activities will focus on creating and validating predictive models for tire wear using cloud-based machine learning and predictive analytics systems. A further goal is to create data-driven triggers to optimize tire maintenance procedures.

“Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in tire design, testing and fleet operations, our goal is to ensure that we can offer the most innovative range of tire-related technologies and services for the next generation of connected passenger mobility fleets,” said Jim Euchner, vice president of global innovation at Goodyear.

“At Goodyear, we know that the ability to gather real-time information about the road, driving conditions, and driving patterns will play an increasing role in optimizing tire performance for autonomous vehicles. With increasing amounts of data being compiled from an array of vehicle sensors as well as internet data sources, there is an unprecedented opportunity to create a new real-time digital framework that may enhance both safety and range, while lowering operational costs.”

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