Bridgestone to equip latest Fisker vehicle with custom Potenza Sport tires

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Fisker and Bridgestone have announced a partnership in which the tire manufacturer will become the exclusive tire supplier for the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.

For vehicles delivered to Europe and certain Fisker Ocean models sold in North America, custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires will be used, which the company says have been engineered to have a low rolling resistance to conserve the all-electric SUV’s battery power.

Developed and produced at Bridgestone’s Poznan plant in Poland, the Potenza Sport features the company’s Enliten technology, claimed to reduce the rolling resistance of a tire by up to 30% and its weight by up to 20%. It is estimated that 2kg less raw materials are needed to produce each tire with Enliten technology.

Bespoke Alenza Sport all-season tires will be supplied and fitted to Fisker Ocean models headed to North America, featuring what Bridgestone says is a next-generation compound to improve dry braking and wet handling characteristics alongside improved rolling resistance.

During the tires’ development, Bridgestone says it utilized its Virtual Tire Development technology, enabling the manufacturer to predict how the tire’s design and compound would behave without physically driving it during the first phase of development.

Upon release, the tires will be available in two tire sizes, a 255/50 R20 and a 255/45 R22. The 22-inch tire has been developed to withstand and handle the more powerful version of the Fisker Ocean.

“We have the ambition to make the most sustainable SUV featuring class-leading ride, handling, and range, and Bridgestone will play a key role in achieving this goal,” commented Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO, Fisker. “We look forward to continuing to work closely together, collaborating on performance engineering and the technical development of the tires.”

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