Vredestein and ZC Rubber expand winter tire ranges

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Two manufacturers, Vredestein and ZC Rubber have announced revised winter tire ranges.

Vredestein has upgraded its Snowtrac tire and rebranded the model the Wintrac, stating that the new tire is more suitable for current European winters as it will have an improved performance in all types of wet conditions while continuing to drive superbly on snow. The model represents a significant change of emphasis, from a tire intended mainly for driving on snow to an all-round winter tire, hence the rebranding.

It benefits from a new structure and materials. For example, an improved tread design includes a dedicated V-groove structure with a guaranteed through-hole, ensuring optimal water drainage in both longitudinal and lateral directions. Additionally, the shoulder blocks feature patented 3D sipes, extending the total sipe length, which Vredestein says ensures excellent winter performance throughout the lifetime of the tire. Finally, an inter-locking mechanism in the shoulder blocks provides additional stability and considerably enhances dry and wet handling performances.

The company claims these details provide improved performance over the old range, including 10% better water evacuation, 5% more sipe length and 5% more rubber in contact with the road, leading to enhanced grip on wet and snow surfaces.

A unique blend of polymers and resin particles in the tire’s next-generation high-density silica compound – combined with an oval-shaped footprint and even pressure distribution – enables equal wear and a better performance, providing up to a 10,000km increase in mileage. Additionally, a lower rolling resistance (than its predecessor) should translate into substantial fuel consumption savings.

Fresh sizes from ZC
ZC Rubber has added 68 new sizes to its Z-series winter tires range, which was launched in 2019.

The new sizes are targeted to meet European customers’ diverse demands. ZC Rubber has also updated the design of the rest of the Z-series range.

The product line now includes 142 sizes covering 13in to 19in in rim diameter, with much improved wet grip and lower rolling resistance. According to a test report conducted by Test World on March 9 this year, the series has improved by at least 20% in snow performance, with Z-506 making a great step forward in snow and ice performance.

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