Pirelli releases Cinturato Winter 2 tire

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The Cinturato Winter 2 tire has been launched by Pirelli, designed for application to CUVs and medium-size cars.

Several new technologies debut by in the tire, including sipes on the tread that get longer over the tire’s service life to capture more snow, which as a result offer a higher level of grip. With a 3D structure, the sipes extend and transform from a linear shape to a zig-zag as the rubber wears down, providing better traction on wet and dry surfaces in cold weather. With 43m of sipes, roadholding is improved by 30% compared with the manufacturers’ Sottozero 3 tire.

The winter tire benefits from a longer life than its previous iteration due to a new compound, tread pattern and structure. A Pirelli-patented system of liquid polymers drawing from the company’s motorsport background offers performance in wet and snow-covered scenarios by maximizing the uniformity of the components in the compound.

When designing the tread pattern, Pirelli’s engineers utilized a virtual development program, aimed at optimizing pressure over the Cinturato 2’s contact patch. To lessen the chance of aquaplaning, grooves were designed for effective water evacuation, while the definition and positioning of the sipes were chosen to ensure maximum levels of grip when used on snow.

An Elect-marked Cinturato Winter 2 in selected sizes is available for use on electric and hybrid vehicles. Benefits include a tread pattern that offers low rolling resistance to maximize battery range and high levels of grip to deliver the instantaneous torque associated with electrical powertrains.

Compared with its predecessor, the Cinturato Winter 2 has a reduced rolling resistance – Class B and C category on the European Tire label – to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. It has been classified as an A and B category under the same label for its low road noise.

Additionally, if a puncture up to 4mm occurs, drivers can continue with their journey as certain sizes of the tire feature Pirelli’s Seal Inside technology. A specially designed mousse seals around the damaging object to prevent air loss. Upon extraction of the object, the same mousse will seal up the hole.

The product replaces the first-generation Cinturato Winter tire and will be available in 36 different sizes ranging from 16in to 20in. Furthermore, the German certification board TÜV SÜD awarded the Pirelli tire its Performance Mark.

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