Latest Mitas Grip’N’Ride tire will deliver increased load capacity

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Tire manufacturer Mitas (a Group Trelleborg brand) has released a larger Grip’N’Ride construction tire for application to the rear axle of wheeled and backhoe loaders.

Previously released as a 19.5L-24 IND, the tire maker will now produce a 21L-24 IND that benefits from improved levels of performance on soft terrain and stronger sidewalls for increased durability and carrying capacity.

The newly designed sidewalls will enable the latest Grip’N’Ride tire size to handle 1,000kg more load capacity when stationary, and 400kg more when traveling at 40km/h, compared with the smaller size. A specially designed tread pattern will provide increased grip and self-cleaning characteristics.

Compared with other construction tires on the market, the Grip’N’Ride tires have a reduced height-to-width ratio and a corresponding profile number.

“Initial production of this new tire will serve the extensive North American market, where it is in high demand,” explained Marcello Mantovani, product manager for construction tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems. “This is due to the high number of backhoe loaders in use, which require wider tires and greater load capacities. Shortly thereafter, we will roll out the new 21L-24 IND tire for customers globally.”

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