Goodyear unveils Kelly Edge Touring A/S and Kelly Edge Sport tires

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As an expansion of its Kelly Tire range, Goodyear has released the Kelly Edge Touring A/S and Kelly Edge Sport products in more than 75 sizes. Both tires feature a unique tread design and compounds to ensure they are suited for application to daily driven vehicles.

The Kelly Edge Touring A/S is an all-season tire which benefits from biting tread block edges to deliver traction in all weather conditions, including on snow. For effective water evacuation the tire has been designed with sweeping grooves and a silica tread compound for grip and better treadwear. A symmetrical tread pattern delivers a smooth ride and good handling, in addition to sturdy angled tread blocks which stabilize the tread’s footprint to further improve treadwear.

The Kelly Edge Sport was developed for application to performance vehicles. Goodyear improved the tread compound to provide enhanced wet handling and stopping power, characteristics which are complemented by an asymmetric tread design. The Kelly Edge Sport also features sweeping circumferential grooves within the tread for traction, and contoured edges to enhance the tire’s service life and to reduce road noise.

“We’re very excited to introduce the Kelly Edge Touring A/S and the Kelly Edge Sport tires to the market because they provide everyday drivers with products designed with their driving needs in mind,” said Michiel Kramer, director, Product Marketing, Goodyear Consumer, North America. “Whether you need stability or responsive, agile performance, these new Kelly tires will deliver for you and your daily driving needs.”

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