Goodyear launches UrbanMax Commuter for inner city and commuter applications

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The UrbanMax Commuter tire, developed specifically to cater for buses conducting operations on inter-city and park and ride routes, has been unveiled by Goodyear. The tire was designed by the manufacturer to fill a gap in the market between tires with a long-distance and those for inner-city applications.

The UrbanMax Commuter is Electric Drive Ready, denoting its suitability to be used on electric, hybrid or diesel vehicles. Due to this, fleet operators no longer need to stock different tires for differing types of vehicle, reducing complex tire management and specific stocking requirements. To cater for the higher load capacities of electric buses, the UrbanMax Commuter benefits from an 8-ton axle load capacity, a requirement for today’s electric buses.

To enhance the tire’s sustainability credentials when being used for inner-city operations, a more durable sidewall construction has been used to increase wear resistance and to reduce the chance of damage occurring.

For improved tire management, Goodyear has embedded a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag inside the tire. The solution provides accurate information on tire assets, performance and casing management. Additionally, the RFID reduces the time required for routine maintenance checks as data provided by the tire warns of any issues which need to be investigated.

Additional features of the tire include Goodyear’s IntelliMax grooves which work to reduce tread wear and improve traction and stability. Furthermore, Flexomatic sipes and interlocking tread blocks enhance vehicle traction under braking, while 3D sipes interlock and limit block movement for a high mileage and better grip in wintery scenarios.

The UrbanMax is also 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certified for use in winter conditions. It has also been designed to be fully retreadable, enabling the UrbanMax to benefit from an extended service life.

“Goodyear expands its range with the UrbanMax Commuter after seeing a trend toward inter-city travel,” commented Maciej Szymański, marketing director commercial Europe, Goodyear.

“The tire includes all the latest structural and technological innovations. Buses are an important part of decarbonizing Europe’s cities, and this tire gives an efficient platform for zero emission transport and provides grip no matter the season with its 3PMSF certified tread.”

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