EV Pro is ZC Rubber’s first EV passenger car tire, launches in China

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ZC Rubber has launched its new EV Pro line-up – the company’s first EV passenger car tires – for the Chinese market.

Utilizing the latest in ZC Rubber’s technology, the new tires have reduced rolling noise, increased fuel efficiency and improved grip performance. The EV Pro tires feature ‘Zuper Silent technology, which reduces tire noise by using all-season noise-absorbing compounds, three-dimensional silent bolts and a special soundproof chamber.

The tires also feature ZC’s BPOT technology, which the tire maker states improves handling thanks to a 5% larger contact area at high speeds, while the company’s mixing technology provides optimized grip and stability. ZC’s Gen II Hybrid Silane compound has been used to increase mileage, with the tire maker’s DMOT design approach used to further reduce the EV Pro’s rolling resistance. The design also includes a velvet sidewall.

“EV Pro represents a breakthrough for ZC Rubber, a crucial step toward delivering solutions suitable for electric vehicles,” said a spokesperson for the tire maker. “This also shows our commitment to sustainable mobility in the future through extending tire life, improving fuel economy and utilizing eco-friendly materials.”

ZC Rubber has extensive experience in developing tires for electric vehicles, with existing OE fitments on a number of leading Chinese auto makers, such as BYD, XPeng and Geely. While the EV Pro is released in China only so far, ZC plans to introduce more EV tire options for the global market in the near future.

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