Continental announces WinterContact TS 870 and WinterContact TS 870 P

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Continental has released details of its latest winter tires: the WinterContact TS 870 and the WinterContact TS 870 P.

Building on the attributes of Conti’s WinterContact TS 860, the new tires have been designed to offer greater levels of winter performance and wet-weather grip, as well as reduced rolling resistance. However, Continental experts state that the tires are completely new products in terms of their construction, tread pattern, design and compound. The new WinterContacts offer a claimed 3% shorter braking distance on ice, and 5% better handling in snow-covered scenarios.

Improved snow grip relies on newly developed 3D interlocking sipes at an optimized angle to engage with the snow. As these blocks get buried, the interlocking creates extra grip. Additional safety is provided by deep sipes that sit parallel to the diagonal grooves. These sipes present a high number of edges and enable dynamic forces to be transferred more effectively, improving straight-line and cornering grip on winter roads.

Continental’s SnowCurve+ technology features on the two new tires, by way of a special groove wall structure that helps to interlock with compacted snow at more than 1,000 points on the tire’s tread. This delivers greater grip and better transmission of braking forces, particularly when cornering. Braking distances have also been improved by the introduction of up to 10% more tread blocks in the contact patch of the WinterContact TS 870.

​The WinterContact TS 870 features a V-shape tread pattern, with grooves that run toward a wave-like center groove. This combination of so-called Hydro Grooves and the center groove results in better braking on wet surfaces and faster water displacement.

As with previous designs, the new tires feature Conti’s specially designed tread compound, Cool Chili. The optimized cross-link density makes for greater flexibility, improving the quality of the contact between tire and road. This reduces abrasion and increases the tire’s mileage. At the same time, the Cool Chili compound reduces rolling resistance.

The WinterContact TS 870 range will initially be available in 19 sizes, ranging from 14in to 17in, with aspect ratios of 45 to 65, and in widths from 175mm to 225mm – some with a rim protection rib and/or XL marking indicating higher load-carrying capacity. In 2022, Continental aims to add a further 45 sizes to the range.

The WinterContact TS 870 P succeeds the TS 850 P and is an option for drivers who wish to fit wider tires. Instead of using the conventional V-shape tread found on the TS 870, the WinterContact TS 870 P features a stiffer construction, and four large circumferential grooves running between the rows of the tread blocks. This efficiently displaces the water from the contact patch, resulting in better handling and shorter braking distances in wet-weather scenarios.

The WinterContact TS 870 P range will be available in 52 sizes, from 16in to 21in, with aspect ratios from 35 to 65, and in widths from 205mm to 255mm. The stiff construction also makes the tire suitable for fitment on heavier models, such as those with electric drive.

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