Bridgestone unveils latest Bandag drive tire tread with improved wear attributes

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A new Bandag B713 FuelTech drive tire tread has been launched by Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone).

The tread has been specially developed by company engineers to increase retread value for fleets and is also SmartWay verified. Furthermore, the tread benefits from good fuel efficiency and an improved wear life without compromising on grip or performance levels.

The Bandag B713 FuelTech’s compound is said to deliver a 30% longer wear life compared to the Bandag B710 tread and 7% better wear when tested against the Michelin XLED retread, resulting in greater low-fuel-cost performance. Additionally, the tread features 3D siping with 130% more biting edges than the B710 to provide excellent traction and a continuous shoulder design to distribute weight and torque more evenly to improve wear patterns.

Bridgestone states that over the past year, 27,773 used tires were retreaded with the Bandag system in the USA. This equated to 416,595 gallons of oil being saved, 1,150,000 lb of waste being diverted from landfills and 823,469 lb less tire waste.

The Bridgestone Bandag B713 FuelTech tread is available in 210, 220, 230 and 240 sizes.

“When partnering with Bandag on a retreading program, fleets not only get more miles out of less rubber, but they are contributing to a more sustainable society,” commented Jason Roanhouse, executive director, Bandag, USA and Canada, Bridgestone Americas. “The all-new Bandag B713 FuelTech drive tire tread can yield longer-lasting wear life, improved traction and reduce irregular wear, extending the life of a tire and maximizing fleet savings.”

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