Avery Dennison Smartrac launches UHF RFID tag

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Materials company Avery Dennison has launched an embedded UHF RFID tag, AD Maxdura Tire Tag, that will enable manufacturers producing large quantities of tires to easily access a range of detailed information.

During the vulcanization process, the tag is attached directly to the tire and enables the product to be tracked and traced through a company’s logistic chain. The tag will allow manufacturers and suppliers to perform stock checks quickly and efficiently in addition to reducing errors that can occur in the fitting process.

Avery Dennison utilized materials science and previous RF design knowledge to enable detailed analysis of the tire’s lifecycle, leading to many environmental and safety features. In terms of making the tire production process more sustainable, the tag will provide details of the materials used to manufacture the tire, enabling a clear list of what can be recycled when the tire reaches end-of-life.

Measuring 43 x 2 x 2mm, the AD Maxdura Tire Tag can be read from a range of up to 11m depending on its mounting position and the tire type it is attached to.

“The automotive industry is in the biggest upheaval in its more than 130-year history,” commented Lauri Hyytinen, market development manager, automotive, Avery Dennison Smartrac. “Avery Dennison is working with all the leading tire manufacturers as they turn to RFID. The benefits are clear, not least in terms of safety and the ability to fully track the lifecycle of the three billion manufactured each year.

“However, we have designed the AD Maxdura Tire Tag to be future-proof for a wide range of forthcoming uses which Avery Dennison Smartrac is already working on with OEM partners in the automotive industry, this includes logistics solutions and brand protection applications.”

At present, the company claims many major tire manufacturers are looking to adopt the technology, alongside countries such as China which are looking to make the technology mandatory. High volume orders of the product are scheduled to begin in the middle of Q4 2021.

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