Apollo Tyres releases first dedicated all-terrain tire in Europe

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Manufacturer Apollo Tyres is launching its first all-terrain tire, the Vredestein Pinza, in Europe.

Following five years of development, the Pinza benefits from a tread pattern which features a four-groove herringbone pattern and full-depth interlocking sipes to ensure grip on a range of surfaces including mud, sand or snow, while minimizing road noise. A fifth-generation polymer compound aids in delivering additional grip.

Furthermore, a three-pitched shoulder features aggressive biting edges to enhance loose-surface grip. Twisted stone ejectors have also been added to clear debris from within the tread.

For added durability the Pinza comes with a three-ply triplex casing and a sidewall with an extended tread pattern to provide protection against rocks and ruts.

The 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake-certified tire features the tire maker’s multi-pitch technology and broad tread blocks to minimize road noise and maximize steering precision.

Designed and developed at the company’s in-house R&D operation in the Netherlands, the tire manufacturer utilized a range of simulated and real-world analysis to produce an all-terrain product with optimal performance characteristics.

Apollo’s Pinza will come in two types of construction, a P and an LT. The LT features an aggressive tire pattern for working vehicles, while the P version features a road-oriented design for passenger vehicles.

Designed for application to 4x4s, pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles, the Pinza will be available in 24 dimensions in Europe from August, with further sizes to follow.

“In addition to incorporating new designs and materials, we have utilized our experience in the all-season tire market to deliver the perfect balance of off-road ruggedness and on-road civility,” said Daniele Lorenzetti, chief technology officer, Apollo Tyres Europe. “Extensive AI-driven analysis and real-world testing across multiple geographies and climates has then helped our research and development team give the Pinza a unique balance of on- and off-road attributes.”

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