Pirelli Cinturato P7 offers ‘intelligent’ performance

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Pirelli has introduced the Cinturato P7, offering an ‘intelligent’ compound that adapts itself to temperature and driving conditions.

Since its launch in 2009, the high-performance summer tire has been constantly updated, and the newest version features technology to overcome compromises that tires typically face.

The new technologies overcome conflicting requirements, such as wet weather performance and low rolling resistance, with a new compound that is equipped with mechanical intelligence that changes according to ambient temperatures.

Stopping distances from 100km/k have been reduced by 4m and other innovations include reduced road noise and improved comfort.

Life expectancy has been improved by 6% and rolling resistance is down 12%, improving fuel consumption by 4%.

The tread pattern has been created specifically for the P7 and is enriched with silicon resins to increase grip.

Synthetic elastic materials are chemically modified to improve the interaction with silicon and the polymers change according to the tire’s working temperature.

Silicon particles can be distributed more evenly with a more effective interaction, widening the tire’s optimal working range.

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