Continental to provide Share Now Denmark with intelligent tire management solution

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A partnership between Continental and carsharing company Share Now Denmark is to be expanded following a successful collaboration as part of a pilot project – scheduled to run until mid-2022 – using cloud-based tire monitoring of the tread depth on Share Now’s carsharing fleet.

In the future, Share Now will utilize Continental’s Conti360° Solutions to handle the tire management of its near 700-strong fleet, 65% of which electric vehicles.

“The high level of trust in the partnership and the positive results we’ve obtained convinced us to place tire management for our vehicles in the hands of Continental,” commented Morten Jakobsen, CEO, Share Now Denmark. “This will allow us to focus on our core business with new mobility concepts in the knowledge that our fleet of vehicles is being kept up and running.”

Under the Conti360° Solutions contract, Continental will supply Share Now with its AllSeasonContact, a tire specifically developed for urban use, alongside the provision of other services. Tire pressure readings will be taken in real time by utilizing sensors, with the data then relayed back to Share Now Denmark head of operations via the cloud. The service will enable the company to view the tire condition of all its vehicles and to act if necessary.

“The permanent availability of data enables us to carry out fleet management quickly and cost effectively,” said Steen Herløv Andersen, head of Operations, Share Now Denmark. “Low tire pressure causes higher rolling resistance leading to decreased battery range and tire wear. Both are bad news for us – from an environmental and cost perspective. Also, we avoid nervous customers driving in cars with a blinking warning light that indicates low tire pressure.”

Having partnered with telematics company Questar, Continental combines the information from tire sensors and telemetry data for vehicles in Share Now Denmark’s fleet with an algorithm in the cloud. This enables tire tread depth to be predicted accurately.

“We are the first to market with a solution that can offer precise tread depth monitoring using an algorithm,” said Tansu Isik, head of business development and global marketing, Continental Tires. “It is accurate to within 1mm, which sets a new benchmark for smart, digital tire solutions. Many fleet customers are already taking advantage of our comprehensive 360° Solutions portfolio with guaranteed mileages and a full range of tire services accessible anytime, anywhere.”

“Once the test phase has been successfully completed in March 2022, the aim is to adopt tread depth monitoring for the whole fleet when possible,” concluded Herløv.

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