Davanti introduces latest range of winter tires developed in Finland

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Davanti has introduced its new range of Wintoura winter tires. The line-up took three years to design and develop, with Test World proving ground in Finland being one of the key test locations.

Peter Cross, general manager of Davanti Tyres, said, “Three years from an initial concept to production is a long time but it has been well worth the wait. The Wintoura range joins our highly successful summer tire range and are now on offer in most European markets consisting of four unique pattern designs – Wintoura, Wintoura+, Wintoura SUV and Wintoura Van, with each one specially optimized for their specific application across fifty one fitment options.”

The Wintoura tire features a directional high-performance winter pattern that incorporates two wide circumferential grooves together with lateral channels to increase water dispersal and aquaplaning resistance. Also, angled tread block edges effectively reduce road noise, and numerous zig-zag sipes improve traction and lateral grip on ice and snowbound conditions.

The Wintoura+ has an asymmetric tread pattern that includes three main non-uniform circumferential grooves for efficient water displacement, plus three specially designed circumferential sipes and lateral grooves across the inner tread zone that improve traction and braking performance in all winter conditions. Solid joined outer blocks and a square shoulder layout promote precise steering response and increased driver comfort.

The specially designed directional tread of the Wintoura SUV is designed to provide high levels of traction and overall performance on snow, along with two main circumferential jagged grooves and lateral channels, which provide efficient clearing of water to safeguard against aquaplaning. Other features include 3D sipes to give extra grip on ice and snow plus connected outer shoulder blocks to increase handling stability at higher corner speeds.

The optimized symmetric tread pattern of the Wintoura Van is said offer high levels of traction and braking performance, even in severe winter conditions, and has three circumferential tapered main grooves to effectively resist aquaplaning and improve traction.

Robust interlocked center tread blocks with three dimensional sipes provide reliable performance in all winter conditions plus an increased tread depth ensures high mileage and performance when driving in demanding conditions such as snow and soft and muddy surfaces.

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