Bespoke Tesla-based Shooting Brake equipped with Vredestein tires

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A Tesla Model S-based Shooting Brake commissioned by a Dutch collector, designed by Niels van Roij Design and built by Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar, is to be equipped with Vredestein’s Ultrac Vorti.

The Vredestein tire has clean, distinctive lines as it was developed in partnership with Giugiaro Design. Its name was inspired by the vortex air flows featured on the product, reflecting the huge speeds and forces it can handle, while the tread is reminiscent of helicopter blade tips.

“Design is the most important reason for purchase globally – regardless of the purchase price, gender or age of the buyer,” van Roij said.

“Therefore, we invested a lot of time in the design process of our Shooting Brake. Our research focused on benchmarking high-end performance estate cars, one-off vehicles and market trends.”

Both the one-off vehicle model and its tires showcase the essential elements to create a dynamic, bold profile with continuously flowing lines. “We also added a completely new sculpted rear-end, keeping the shoulders of the car ‘alive’, thus ensuring a bold stance,” added van Roij.

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