VESevo wins award for tire testing device

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Tire testing specialist VESevo has won Hardware Innovation of the Year at the 2021 Automotive Testing Technology International Awards for its unique tire testing device, also called VESevo.

After several years in development, the VESevo became commercially available in 2021 and is said to take an unprecedented approach to non-destructive tire testing and characterization. The VESevo product enables engineers to analyze a tire’s tread viscoelasticity, and overcomes the usual issues related to the removal of samples, which then renders a tire unusable.

The information provided by the device can then be utilized to predict the behavior of the tire and the whole vehicle in variable operating conditions and progressive wear conditions. As the viscoelastic properties of tires are still not well understood, the hardware has been welcomed by the tire and automotive industry.

“VESevo’s device is yet another reminder of the development advantages of motorsport in the tire world,” commented awards judge and ATTI correspondent Marc Noordeloos. “The ability to analyze viscoelasticity and predict tire behavior is key in the world of racing and will surely be a huge advantage to future tire development for road cars.”

Since its launch, the VESevo device has been adopted by five Formula 1 teams, four Formula E teams, two MotoGP teams and one NASCAR team.

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