New SSBR grades from Lanxess Tire & Specialty Rubbers

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The newly formed Lanxesss Tire & Specialty Rubbers business unit recently introduced two new rubber products as alternatives to its Buna VSL 2438-2HM SSBR, which is widely used across the tire industry. Buna FX 3234A-2HM delivers improved polymer/filler interaction in the tread mix, which reduces hysteresis and therefore the rolling resistance of the tires. Grip also has been improved. The product’s glass transition (Tg) temperature is -30 °C.

The second new rubber grade, Buna VSL 3038-2HM, expands the existing Buna VSL family. It is an oil-extended SSBR with a 38% styrene content and 30% vinyl content. Its Tg temperature is 6°C higher at -26 °C, meaning it can provide better grip properties without compromising on rolling resistance (see graph). The higher Tg temperature of Buna VSL 3038-2HM makes it possible, for example, to add more NdBR to the compound, such as Buna CB 24, and thus raise the friction coefficients to a level comparable to that of Buna VSL 2438-2HM or Buna VSL 5025-2HM. The wear resistance of the tread increases greatly as a result.

After the addition of 37.5 phr TDAE oil, Buna FX 3234A-2HM as well as Buna VSL 3038-2HM display a Mooney viscosity of 80MU – a high value that additionally ensures excellent abrasion resistance. The high styrene content of 34 or 38% promotes high dynamic stiffness, making these rubber products ideal for high-performance summer tires.

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