Goodyear reveals 63% sustainable material truck tire

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A demonstration truck tire produced using 63% sustainable materials has been presented by Goodyear at IAA Transportation.

The tire features 15 sustainable ingredients which have been used for 20 tire components, and include four different carbon blacks which have been manufactured using plant-based oil, end-of-life tire pyrolysis oil, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, and a low-carbon methane pyrolysis process for compound reinforcement and to extend tread life.

To increase the tire’s sustainability credentials, petroleum-based oils have been replaced with rapeseed oils. This aids in the tire’s rubber compound being pliable when subjected to varying temperature changes. Additionally, silica produced from rice husk ash – a byproduct of rice processing – helps to improve grip levels while reducing fuel consumption. Polyester from plastic waste has also been reverted to its base chemicals and reformed into technical grade polyester for use within the tire cords to enable retreadability.

Goodyear states that in the future the demonstration tire could be connected to monitor several parameters. This would help to determine when a tire change or retread needs to be carried out, contributing to circularity. Furthermore, the tire benefits from an A grade for fuel efficiency which matches the efficiency of the manufacturer’s currently available truck tires.

“Development of our integrated offering of products and mobility solutions under the Goodyear Total Mobility umbrella can further support our customers in the demanding transport market and help them in achieving their own sustainability goals,” commented Grégory Boucharlat, vice president commercial Europe.

“Goodyear is committed to the development of products and solutions that help support the ambitions and aspirations of our business partners to be more competitive, more efficient and more sustainable.”

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