New RFID TireTag from Confidex

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Tire Technology Expo exhibitor Confidex will highlight its new TireTag, which has been tested and approved by several truck tire companies, at next week’s show in Hannover.

This new embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tag based on Rain RFID/EPCglobal Gen2v2 RFID technology enables traceability of a tire throughout its life. The tag’s small size and omnidirectional antenna design provide greater flexibility for both warehouse and yard management applications.

Designed to be embedded inside a tire before the vulcanization process, it can be positioned in any place, is 40mm smaller than other comparable tags on the market, and is compliant with the ISO 20909 and ISO 20910 standards. The omnidirectional antenna design ensures excellent RF performance and a range up to 3m/9ft from all directions. The tags are IP68 rated, confirming the product’s resistance to liquids, dust, common chemicals and UV exposure.

“RFID tracking has proven its value in tire tracking applications. The Confidex TireTag overcomes the limitations of using RFID as an embedded solution when it comes to size, placement and read range. The TireTag was designed to provide greater flexibility for manufacturers, while delivering better performance and reliability for end users,” said Confidex CEO Timo Lindström.

The new Confidex TireTag will be on display at Booth 6010 at Tire Technology Expo 2020, February 25, 26, 27.

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