Continental advances bladder technology

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Over the past six years Continental has continued to develop its UHP curing bladder line to meet the requirements of today’s UHP tire segment.

This continuous development has incorporated the latest technology in contour, compound and surface treatment to provide a product that is designed specifically to fit the low profile shape of tires in this segment.

The development stages of Conti’s UHP curing bladder line has reached maturity, with many new sizes already being incorporated onto its most recent 2018/2019 product portfolio.

A new C series bladder is also currently being developed and implemented into the portfolio. The product focuses on a gradual transition in gauge from 4.5mm in the crown to 7.0mm in the neck, enabling a smooth transition across the bladder surface.

New C series transition technology is said to provide more resistance to cracking due to sulfur migration in the bead area, while alleviating cracks caused by friction during the shaping process. The technology is designed to enhance bladder life without any noticeable influence on the cure time.

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