Michelin disputes advice to change tires with 3mm tread depth

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While some manufacturers are lobbying for tires to be replaced when the tread depth reaches 3mm or 4mm, Michelin maintains that the current legal limit of 1.6mm is perfectly suited to the challenges of modern motoring.

Michelin believes that tires should be designed and built to work effectively throughout their life and rejects the planned obsolescence advocated by some makers. Changing tires at 4mm or 3mm costs motorists more money (especially as fuel efficiency increases as the tire wears) and it increases the environmental impact of making and using tires.

The company produces tires that ensure optimum safety throughout the tire’s longer lifespan, and save fuel due to low levels of rolling resistance. It believes that this is the only way of limiting excessive raw material consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, while allowing motorists to use their tires longer in total safety.

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