Vredestein Traxion 65 promises a 29% noise reduction in-cabin

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A new tractor tire will be introduced by Vredestein at Agritecnhica 2019 in Germany, November 10-16. Traxion 65 incorporates new technologies derived from the development of the flagship VF tire, the Traxion Optimall. This latest concept offers more comfort, traction and longevity.

“As in-cabin noise together with vibrations are increasingly seen as the main comfort factors by professional drivers, Vredestein decided to have its tires tested for in-cabin noise against one of its main premium European competitors. The test conducted at an RDW test track (ISO certified: ISO10844: 2014) came to a lower in-cabin noise of up to 29% compared with its premium competitor. And drive-by noise, important for local communities when agricultural traffic frequently passes through populated areas, was also tested to be 22% better,” said officials.  

As the successor to the Traxion+, the new Traxion 65 includes transverse and non-parallel lugs on the outside of the tread, which provides traction and self-cleaning, especially on heavier soil types. The foundation for the development of the tread design is the proven Traxion concept with its curved lug shape.

A major improvement of the Traxion 65 is the increase of its useful life by at least 30%, thanks to the unique tread compound and the lug surface in the center. 

The most popular sizes (650/65 R42 and 650/65 R38), together with their corresponding front tire sizes, are expected to be available in February 2020.

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