New range of commercial tires from Fulda

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Fulda has announced its latest tire offering in the form of the new Regio Series 3 commercial vehicle tire range.

The range consists of three fitments: the Regiocontrol 3 (steer), Regioforce 3 (drive axle) and Regiotonn 3 (trailer). During the development stage, the company says it focused on mileage, improving fuel efficiency, vehicle handling and traction. The tires have also been designed to tackle both long-distance and urban applications in all-weather scenarios.

The tires feature a deep tread consisting of a mix of blades and robust blocks and a non-directional tread pattern, aiding versatility. The range also meets the requirements of the 3PMSF regulation making it fit for use in harsh winter weather conditions.

The Regiocontrol 3 steer tire features a robust five-rib tread design with solid shoulder ribs to reduce shoulder wear. Fulda says that wearable rubber volume has been increased by 4% when compared with a previous iteration, resulting in a higher mileage per tire, and distinctive zigzag sipes increase grip. Selected sizes within the range also have a higher load capacity to combat the increased weight of Euro 6 regulation trucks and electric commercials.

A robust five-rib, zigzag groove tread design also features on the Regioforce 3 drive tire, alongside semi-open shoulder ribs with stiffeners. This aids in water drainage and reduces shoulder wear, providing increased mileage potential and traction. Both drive and steer tires are retreadable and regroovable.

Finally, the Regiotonn tire for trailer applications has deep sipes down to two-thirds of the full tread depth, and in turn provides excellent trailer stability. A low rolling resistance also helps to increase fuel efficiency.

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